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almost 3 years ago

And the winner is...

Hello hackers, 

Congratulations on your win or multiple wins to our numerous CodeJam categories. We hope you had fun this weekend and hopefully we will see you next year. 

In order to claim your prize, please following steps:

Please note that prizes will be delivered through mail only. There will not be any e-transfer. 

  1.  Get one of your team members to contact  Please send an email which contains the following information:
    • Full names of all your team members
    • Team Name & Project Name
    • Prize Category you won 
    • House addresses for ALL team members. During registration, we asked you to provide your addresses, but we need a confirmation as we will be sending money and prizes through mail. 
    • For our sub-category winners, please specify if you would like the prize or the cash equivalent of the prize you won. Each sub-category prize has a value of 350$ -> ~87.5$/team member
    • We will be assuming that the cash prizes will be split equally between team members. For instance, if you won a prize of a value of 3000$, we will be sending each  team members 750$ cheques. If you do not want to split the money prize like this, please contact us and tell us how you would like to split the money. 

 For our sponsored challenge winners:

  • Samasource: CodeJam will be personally sending you the prize. 
  • MLH: fill out this form:
  • Matrox & echoAR: We unfortunately do not have information on how Matrox or echoAR will be sending you the prizes. 

Your prize or cheque will arrive in 1 month if you live in Montreal, Qc, Canada. If you have not received your prize by December 17h, please feel free to contact us.  For our international participants, prizes might take longer to get to you. 



The CodeJam Team