• Projects cannot be violent, sexual or offensive. 
  • All project submissions must be made by participants accepted at Code.Jam(2020)
  • All code written must be only written by the submitting team at Code.Jam(2020) during the designated hacking time. 
  • All teams must not exceed 4 participants 
  • All final judging decisions are at the discretion of the Code.Jam(2020) organizing commitee.
  • Code.Jam(2020) reserves the right to disqualify to revoke prizes in the event that a team violates any of the rules. 
  • Must follow MLH's Code of Conduct 

Our hackathon is dedicated in providing a harassement-free space. CodeJam does not tolerate harassement in any form from participants, sponsors or execs. Harassment include, but is not limited to : offensive verbal or written comments related to someone's gender, orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual orientation, religion,sexual or graphic images found in projects, deliverate intimidation, stalking, harassing, photography or video recoding someone without their consent, sustained disruption of talks, and unwelcome sexual attention.